Information about hygienic – antiepodemiological measures within COVID.


  • Use hand disinfectant when entering the sauna.
  • The customer must come with a protective face mask. If the customer does not have a protective mask, he is obliged to buy them at the sauna reception.
  • If prompted, undergo non-contact body temperature measurement. (Entry above 37 ° C is prohibited).
  • On arrival and departure, minimize the use of benches in the locker room to lay aside clothes and personal belongings.
  • Observe increased hygiene throughout the area, take a shower upon arrival.
  • When sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth thoroughly with a disposable tissue. Dispose of the used handkerchief immediately in the trash.
  • After drinking the drink bring the bottle and used cup to the bar counter, do not leave it on the table.
  • It is forbidden to shave, make a manicure or pedicure, spit and blow your nose on the ground in all areas – (showers).
  • Keep the toilets clean.
  • In all areas of the sauna, disinfection in sprayers is prepared for individual disinfection of surfaces. (Not on hands and body).
  • In terms of valid, they are canceled in accordance with the required hygiene measures naked Sunday.

By paying the entrance fee and entering the sauna, the customer agrees to abide by the above measures.

If the sauna staff finds a violation of these measures, the customer will be immediately expelled from the Club Sauna Expert without the right to a refund.


Welcome to the website only officially gay sauna in Bratislava. Do not hesitate to visit us personally. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable with us and spend a pleasant time to relax.

Where we are

Address: Živnostenská 4, Bratislava
Phone: +421 – 914 – 105 717
Web: www.clubsaunaexpert.com

Club Sauna Expert
Club Sauna Expert

Opening hours:
daily 17:00 – 24:00
The last entrance to the sauna is possible at least one hour before the end of the operation.


Payment is possible only in cash.

Standard entry

17,00 € – basic entry
14,00 € – students up to 24 years (holders of ISIC card)

1,00 € – extra towel

Extra days entry

partners day – tuesday and thursday

26,00 € – 2 pers. / 1 locker

Partner days are every Tuesday and Thursday. These days couples have discounted admission. The condition is storing things in the same locker.

wednesday for the youngs

12,00 € – up to 24 years

Every Wednesday is designed especially for the younger guests saunas, which corresponds to the discounted admission for youth. The condition is the age to 24 years since being a student and entering the show ISIC.


14,00 € – 20 minutes
24,00 € – 50 minutes

Massages are available on Tuseday to Saturdays.