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Opening hours
Monday 15.00 - 24.00
Tuesday 15.00 - 24.00
Wednesday 15.00 - 24,00
Thursday 15.00 - 24.00
Friday 15.00 - 01.00
Saturday 15.00 - 01.00
Sunday 15.00 - 24.00

last admission one hour
before closing time


Welcome to the website only officially gay sauna in Bratislava. Do not hesitate to visit us personally. We will do everything to make you feel comfortable with us and spend a pleasant time to relax.

The sunday naked sauna
The Sunday naked sauna regularly every two weeks, always in even calendar week.

Wednesday for the youngs
students and young people under 24 are always at the center entrance with discount

Massages are every day from Tuesday up to Saturday

Partners day
Tuesday and Thursday

Aktuálne informácie zo sauny
Aktuelle Informationen aus der Sauna
Actual informations from the sauna
La información actual de la sauna

Otvárame po rekonštrukcii !!!

Sauna bude opätovne otvorená dòa 10.10.2017 od 15,00 hod.

Wir öffnen uns nach dem Renovierung !!!

Die Sauna wird am 10. Oktober 2017 ab 15.00 Uhr wiedereröffnet.

We open after reconstruction !!!

The sauna will be reopened on October 10, 2017 from 15.00.

Abrimos después de la renovación !!!

La sauna se reabrirá el 10 de octubre de 2017 a partir de las 15.00.

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